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Blue Sea Systems

ML-Series Heavy Duty Remote Battery Switch

ML-Series Heavy Duty Remote Battery Switch

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Blue Sea Systems designed the ML-Series heavy duty remote battery switch to make controlling large battery banks push-button convenient. Because of their size and cable requirements, conventional battery switches are typically located in a lockers, or behind a seats and out of reach.

Installation of a remote switch has two benefits: it puts the control of the switch right on the dash or nav-station and it shortens heavy cables runs by putting the switching mechanism close to the battery. Included is a Contura style switch that requires only light gauge wire and will easily fit next to (if not match) other dash mounted switches. A sliding cover on the remote switch prevents accidental switching.

 The ML-RBS switching mechanism can be mounted close to the batteries to limit heavy gauge cabling. For added safety a manual control lever with lock out feature has been built into the ML series switches; you will always be able to control the battery even if the wiring to the dash mounted switch is compromised. The service lock-out offers a level of safety when working on the electrical system.

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Continuous Rating: 500A
Intermittent Rating (duration): 700A (5 min)
Cranking Rating (10Sec): 1450A per circuit