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Shadow Caster

Single Zone RGBW Controller

Single Zone RGBW Controller

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The Shadow-Caster® Single Zone Lighting Control is a low cost, marine grade RGBW LED controller that can be operated from a standard push button switch to set color and brightness.

The Single Zone Controller also has a built-in Shadow-NET® interface that allows the controller to synchronize color and brightness control with other Shadow-NET® devices, for example; to make Shadow-Caster® underwater lights match the color of interior RGBW lighting.

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Physical Specifications

3.465” x 2.852” x 1.205” [88 x 72.4 x 30.6mm]

Power Specifications

Power Input: 12/24v
Power Output: 10A

Other Specifications

Backlit SC logo indicates color, brightness or fault
• Auto-detect for white channel
• Integrated overcurrent protection
• Operate from an ON/OFF/momentary switch or a single
momentary push button or Light Commander N2K series

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