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M510 Plus VHF Radio w/ Integrated AIS

M510 Plus VHF Radio w/ Integrated AIS

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A smaller design allows the user for an easier install and with microphone connectors on both the front and rear panel, boaters have more autonomy with how they install their radio. A wide angle color TFT LCD makes it incredibly easy to read and navigate the screen which can now be remotely controlled with a smartphone. A smartphone can also be used as microhone and is compatible with the COMMANDMIC™ as well. Boaters will experience no interuptions while talking with M510's active noise cancelling which digitally removes background noise from transmit and recieve audio. With the M510 PLUS version, users can recieve AIS data that is displayed on the main screen. When paired with the MA510TR AIS Transponder, users can transmit their AIS position as well as receive.


  • A smartphone can be used as a wireless microphone or remote controller in substitute for the COMMANDMIC™
  • Wide viewing angle color TFT LCD
  • Integrated AIS receiver
  • Simplified navigation function to a specified waypoint or AIS target
  • Integrated GPS receiver (GPS antenna is switchable from internal to external)
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Physical Specifications

6.9" Width x 4.3" Height x 1.8" Depth/Length

Power Specifications

Other Specifications

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