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MOB+ Wireless Engine Kill Switch

MOB+ Wireless Engine Kill Switch

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In a world where electronics surrounds us, it’s almost incredible that the corded cutoff switch still exists.

The MOB+™ Wireless Man OverBoard system is an innovative, ABYC compliant, lifesaving safety device for your boat. It provides greater freedom of movement than a traditional kill switch lanyard, and stops the engine should you fall overboard.

  • Connect up to four people to each hub: Up to four xFOB’s can be connected to the xHUB at the same time, with one unit acting as the captain’s stop unit, and the additional three as alarm units for passengers.
  • xHUB™ and wearable xFOB™: The system consists of an easy-to-install xHUB™ (mounted on or near the boat console) and a wearable xFOB™ for each person (or for your pet). The two communicate wirelessly with each other and stop the engine when the xFOB is submerged in water or is beyond range of the xHUB.
  • Wear it: The xFOB™ can be worn on your wrist, around your neck, or clipped to your life jacket using either the xBAND™ or xTAG™ accessories.
  • Long battery life: The waterproof xFOB™ has more than 300 hours of battery life, and is powered by an easy to change standard coin cell battery.
  • 12/24V hardwired xHUB™: The xHUB™ connects to your boat power (12V-24V) and to your engine stopping system. Intuitive and easy to use through a one-click user interface.
  • Universal design: Compatible with all major outboard and most sterndrive engine brands.
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Key Features

MultiFOB: Connect up to four people to at the same time

Alarm only or Alarm/Stop: Choose to connect an AlarmFOB with alarm only, or stop and alarm functionality. This unique feature enabled with the revolutionary WiMEA Protocol allows you to have any combination of alarm or stop functionality for your passengers, crew or pets onboard. Easily switch pilots while driving, secure any kids or pets onboard with either an alarm or have the engine stop if they fall overboard.

MOB Mode: MOB Mode (Man Overboard Mode) is the safety mode of the system. MOB+ will automatically shut down of the engine when the STOP FOB is submerged in 4" of water or travels out of range from the xHUB.

Sound and flashing light: When a FOB goes overboard, the xHUB sounds an alarm and flashes red in the light circle accompanied by flashing on the respective FOBs indication bar. This allows for identification of which of the connected FOBs that has fallen overboard.

Override Mode: After six seconds, the system automatically activates Override Mode. In Override Mode, any passenger or crew on board can restart the engine without the need to interact with the MOB+ system. This allows for a quick recovery of the missing person in the water and enhances safety.

Start: Enhanced man overboard safety feature; The system automatically reengages the kill switch six seconds after a man overboard event, to allow any remaining passengers on board to restart the engine as normal without having to engage with the xHUB in the boat.

Secure Marine Wireless: The WiMEA® (Wireless Marine Electronics Algorithm) is a highly advanced marine security protocol and digital data processing system utilizing high-speed link and Unique ID Technology. It operates across several frequency channels and has 4D Antenna Diversity to avoid interference and unintended signal blocking. This makes it virtually impossible for any other wireless system to interfere with the operation of a WiMEA Wireless System.

Generic cutout size: xHUB requires a standard 2 1/16" diameter opening for mounting on console or a bracket

12/24 volts: xHUB is wired to the Boat’s 12/24V DC power, and to your current kill switch wires

Low amperage: xHUB Power Consumption: Active Mode: 180mA (2.5W max. at 13.8Vdc), Standby: <30mA, <0.4W max. at 13.8V