• Batteries & Battery Chargers

    Engine Not Cranking Up? Electronics Not Lasting All Day?
    Let Us Help You Replace Battery And If Needed Add Batteries Or Change Battery Type To Expand Your Capacity. Adding Charger Keeps Your Batteries Ready When You Are.

    (We Offer Load Testing Services To See The Health Of Your Batteries)

  • Battery Switches & Charge Relays

    Switches Not Working?

    Expanding Your Battery Bank?

    Let Us Install A Proper Battery Switch And ACR To Keep Everything Working As You Intend It Too.

  • Switches

    Need To Add Some Switches For New Accessories? 

    Switches Not Working Correctly?

    Let Us Get Your Switches Working Correctly!

    Available Custom LED Backlit Switches.

    Available Custom Rocker Covers.

  • Digital Switching

    Control Switches From Your Compatible MFD

  • Fuse Panels & Distribution

    Fuse Panels Add Safety For Main Distribution Systems. 

    Different Sizes And Ratings To Suit Your Needs

  • Inverters

    Want 120V Outlets On Your Vessel?

    We Can Install An Inverter To Produce The Power You Want. 

    Run Blenders, Fans, TVs And More Off Your Batteries!

    Offered In Different Power Ratings And Options.

  • Wiring

    Need Some Touch Ups In The Console Or A Full Rewire?

    We Are Your Go To For A Lasting Solution!

Ready To Get Your Electrical Needs Taken Care Of?

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