This is a service agreement between Client and Amped Up Marine Solutions.

Owner authorizes Amped Up Marine Solutions to perform the services described in the service work order by

accepting estimate and/or invoice.

  • Work To Be Done

During estimate you agree upon work to be done to vessel.

Any other added on services or work to be completed will be added to the invoice.

Product not accounted for in estimate, that are used to complete job will be added to invoice. This includes

equipment, connectors, wire, silicone fee, etc.

  • Equipment Placement

You agree and acknowledge to the placement of equipment discussed in estimate.

This includes speakers, GPS, radars, lighting, etc.

  • Labor Time

We do our best to get an accurate labor estimate based on typical installation standards.

If labor time goes over the estimate, additional labor time will be added to invoice.

  • Labor Rate

Standard labor rate is $120/hour.

A grace period of 15min over the hour and then you will be billed for another hour.

  • Product Pricing

Product pricing is determined by Manufacture.

Manufacture may change pricing without notice to customers, Amped Up Marine Solutions has to abide by the new

set retail pricing unless product was already purchased.

  • Product Availability

Amped Up Marine Solutions can not guarantee product availability.

We use multiple distributors to source your equipment and will give you best ETA of your products.

  • Warranty

Warranty of equipment is through the manufacture unless stated otherwise.

Amped Up Marine Solutions stands behind our craftsmanship on cabling, crimps and installation.

Manufacture is a parts only warranty, they do not cover labor to remove, shipping and other fees unless


  • Deposit

A 50% deposit is required for all jobs with product being ordered.

  • Payment

We accept the following forms of payment,

• Cash

• Check (Made out to “Amped Up Marine Solutions”)

• Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Discover)

• Contactless Payment (Apple Pay and Samsung Pay)

3% Convenience Fee may be added to your invoice for credit card purchases

You will be invoiced at completion of work if you are not present at time of completion.

Failure to pay balance of work within terms on invoice will result in a lien being placed on vessel.

Late Fee will also be applied to invoice.

A grace period of 5 days, then 3% of total balance due every month past due.

Client is responsible to pay fee that Amped Up Marine Solutions acquired plus any fees due to remove lien.

  • Change Orders

After product has been ordered any changes will result in shipping and restocking fees charged to Amped Up Marine

Solutions by our distributors.Returns

Installed equipment may NOT be returned.

Return of product that has been payed for but not installed is subject to card processing fees, restocking & shipping


  • Cancellation

Cancelling your install with Amped Up Marine will result in Card Processing fees of 7% of the amount of your deposit


Restocking and shipping fees will be subtracted from your refund.