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Blue Sea Systems

Compact Fuse Block

Compact Fuse Block

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Fuse Blocks are an effective method of protection to prevent damage to wiring and possible fire in the event of an over-loaded or short circuit. This Blue Sea Systems space-saving fuse block can provide protection for new installations or when the panel has run out of breakers. Often used for electronic installations, these fuse blocks can be fed by one breaker from the distribution panel and supply power to 4 additional circuits. Terminals are located on one side to concentrate wiring and minimize the overall footprint of the fuse block. A clear cover insulates fuses and terminals from accidental contact and satisfy ABYC and USCG requirements.

  • Compact design surface mounts for easy installation
  • Terminals located on one side to minimize footprint
  • Cover satisfies ABYC/USCG requirements for insulation and provides space for write-on labels
  • Tin-plated copper buses and fuse clips give up to 30A per circuit protection
  • Positive distribution bus with #8-32 terminal screws
  • Accepts ring or snap fork type terminals
  • Accepts ATO® and ATC® fast acting blade fuses
  • Ignition protected and can be installed in engine rooms of gasoline powered boats
  • Fuses sold separately
  • Includes 4 write-on labels included and accepts square pre-made labels
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